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At Mechatron we talk a lot about commitment, and about what it takes to be a great, enduring company. A key element of Mechatron’ success is our strong set of core values: Integrity, Execution Excellence and Leadership. We adhere to these principles because they are right, and because they achieve results.


Our first commitment is to our customers. Mechatron is dedicated to providing its customers the best designed, best engineered and best user experience in the products and technologies it creates. Customer satisfaction is Mechatron’ most critical measure.


For its stockholders, Mechatron is committed to managing its business skillfully and in accordance with all legal and ethical requirements. We believe great companies sustain growth and strong profitability over time, and opt for the long-term health of the enterprise rather than focusing only on short-term gain.


For its employees, Mechatron is committed to fostering an environment that treats people with respect, honesty and professionalism. We strive to develop the best in all of our employees, and to provide an environment that encourages corporate and personal growth.


Finally, Mechatron is committed to partnering with the communities in which we work.


Mechatron is proud to be a technology and community leader. We look forward to sustaining that leadership by fulfilling our commitments with energy, skill and integrity.

frequently asked questions

What does Mechatron do?

Mechatron creates technologies.


Does Mechatron manufacture?

Mechatron is focused on developing technologies and bringing them to market. It may manufacture products or parts of products, however it does not strive to be a manufacturer. Mechatron however always takes ownership of customer experience and care.


What kind of  technology does Mechatron create?

Mechatron creates futuristic technologies in the field of software, electronics, sustainability, transportation and sometime in the future in genomics.

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