We at Mechatron believe that two wheeler transportation can be the first to go all electric in developing countries. However for this transition to take place we will need to provide infrastructure. This is well understood however providing infrastructure is expensive so a smart way will be required to ensure that maximum benefit can be achieved for most people and companies at the lowest cost.

FastForward envisages a group of technologies and business models which will accelerate the transition of two wheeled transport to electric.

Expected Availability Date : March, 2021


Smart Rapid Charging

Mechatron will create technology for rapid charging of batteries. This technology will allow large number of batteries in different states of life and charge to be simultaneously charged. This charging system will be modular and be able to be deployed in small spaces. The smart charging infrastructure will be connected and broadcast availability of charged batteries to consumers who can locate it on the mobile app.



Smart Battery

Mechatron Smart batteries will power many electric scooter models. Smart batteries will allow scooter manufacturers to use a common battery for various applications by tuning various parameters of the battery to suit their needs.


Battery Swapping

Rapid Battery swapping is going to be a key enabler to transition two wheeler to electric mobility. Scooter power requirements are small compared to a car for example. The smaller power requirement translates into smaller battery packs which can be easily handled by any human being of any age. battery packs are only 1.3kWh each (so around 100+batteries/ea) and can be exchanged in a charging bay. The 2.6kWh will take a scooter about 100 Kms which is enough for two to three days of commute for a common user.



Electric Motor Engine

Mechatron common electric engine is a concept for a versatile electric motor and controller system with common battery technology. This technology meant for OEM supply to two wheeler manufacturers will allow them to customize it according to their requirements.

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