We at Mechatron believe that electric propulsion is already advanced enough to enable aerial transport. Battery power density will increase over time enabling long range flights. In the short to medium term however aerial personal transport is possible and has the potential to totally change the way we travel. Auto piloted drones able to carry two to four passengers over short distances will change urban commute.

Mechatron will develop technologies for aerial urban transport using vertical takeoff and landing, auto piloted drones for short range quick turn around flights.

Expected Availability Date : March, 2025


Electric Propulsion

Electric propulsion is a necessity for aerial urban transport. Electric propulsion is the key enabler due to many reasons including the fact that various sizes of light weight high efficiency electric motors can be fit. It is relatively much safer as no fuel is carried on board. Lithium Ion batteries and future energy storage technologies make flying in urban areas much safer and allow large numbers of drones in dense urban settings.



Auto Pilot

Along with electric propulsion auto pilot systems are an absolute necessity for aerial urban transport. People cannot be expected to pilot planes. People must be able to simply enter their destination. It is not good to add a pilot either because a pilot in this context is impractical because if a craft can carry 2 passengers having a pilot will reduce the capacity by half!


Vertical Takeoff and Landing

It is not possible to have runways of any size at all in an urban environment.  At most it would be possible to spare small areas in the range of two to four cars which must be used to take off and land. This means vertical takeoff and landing is a fundamental requirement for any urban aerial transport.



Speed and Range

A minimum range and speed is required. Taking Bombay as an example, we would need the eUAV to be able to reach 100km and back with an equal reserve for emergency. This means a range of 300+ kilometers with 2 passengers and moderate luggage with fully charged batteries is required.

The iFlyBye will be designed for 400 Kmph and 350 Km range.

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