Welcome to Mechatron

Mechatron is committed to imagining, researching, developing and bringing to life revolutionary technologies which reduce human effort by being intelligent, help the planet by being sustainable and benefit large numbers of people by being affordable.

Our Mission

To create revolutionary products by inventing superior (uberlegen) technologies which improve human life, enhance sustainability of the human race on the planet and are accessible to everyone.

Our Vision

Mechatron Uberlegen (superior) technologies is committed to creating technologies that make the world more sustainable by inventing technology which enable it. We will do this by relentlessly pursuing our goal of engineering new technologies and business models which comprehensively address problems that we choose to solve.

Available and Upcoming Products

Mechatron is committed to ensuring that our customers are delighted by the experience of the products developed by us. We will go to the farthest extent humanly possible to design and engineer products that meet this goal.

Automotive and Transportation


Clutchomatic is a revolutionary technology.  It recognizes that the real pain point in driving a manual car is operation of clutch pedal and not gear change.  Clutchomatic eliminates clutch operation thus eliminating the biggest pain point. Driving is as easy as an automatic for the driver.

Availability : Yes

Automotive and Transportation


We believe two wheeler electrification will benefit developing countries at a much higher scale and much sooner than four wheeler electrification. To enable this transition at a rapid pace a comprehensive system needs to be built which rivals fossil fuels in terms of convenience of recharging.

Fast Forward is a technology which achieves the aim of rapid two wheeler electrification for developing countries but providing facilities that eliminate the drawbacks of charging by battery swapping.

Expected Availability Date : June, 2020

Automotive and Transportation


Electric propulsion is the future of road transportation. Providing ubiquitous charging facilities in densely populated urban areas of developing countries is a challenge that needs to be addressed at an astonishing rate to make realize the dream of all electric. Tickle Charge is an idea to solve this problem.

Expected Availability Date : March, 2021

Automotive and Transportation


All electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) personal urban transport, opening up the skies for daily commute.

Expected Availability Date : March, 2025

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